Haderlump x DHL

The Capsule Collection

The idea

Sustainable high fashion from Berlin meets discarded DHL workwear with comeTWOgether’s exciting capsule collection. Three designs combine the iconic look of DHL workwear with the creative spirit of Haderlump Atelier Berlin – bold, extravagant and pioneering.

The event

The extraordinary deserves extraordinary presentation – which is why we presented the Haderlump x DHL capsule collection with a special event in a special location: the Platte.Berlin, Berlin’s hotspot for creative, fair fashion. The designs were exhibited like fashion sculptures in displays reminiscent of Haderlump’s iconic metal suitcases. Guests, including fashion journalists, fashion influencers and big names in the Berlin scene, could view the designs up close and speak with Haderlump Berlin designer Johann Ehrhardt. Following the event, the exhibit was open to the public for several days.

The looks

Designer Johann Ehrhardt on the collection

“The work on the capsule collection was a great creative challenge. I wanted to combine the characteristic yellow and red colors of DHL workwear with my characteristic style – classical cuts with wide shoulders and a modern tapered look. The fusion of these two very different elements was a very rewarding experience for me. The materials complemented each other perfectly without upstaging each other.”