Celebrating 70 years of racing on

Share your F1® comeback moment and win tickets to a 2021 Grand Prix!

As the longest standing partner of Formula 1®, we’ve witnessed incredible moments on and off the track that have delivered more than just racing, moments that have taught us to keep pushing and never give up.

Over the past 70 years, there have been many almighty comeback moments that have captured the fighting spirit of Formula 1®, a sport that has taught us all so much about true grit and the determination to win.

And so this year when we were faced with the possibility of no F1® amidst a global pandemic, it was this very fighting spirit that we drew on to deliver F1® to fans all over the world once more.

Despite facing challenges we could never have expected, we’re proud to have united as a global team to deliver F1® during a time when the world needed racing more than ever. Delivering the 2020 season when it mattered the most was truly our greatest comeback moment of all.

Congratulations to Renata from Hungary who has won our competition and will travel to a 2021 Grand Prix on the behalf of DHL!

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