From cultural phenomenon to global hit, DHL has delivered a unique taste of Japanese fashion to people everywhere. As the first international logistics company to sponsor Mynavi TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2021 AUTUMN/WINTER, DHL bridged the gap between this eccentric Japanese fashion extravaganza and the international fashion community. A sponsored stage stood loud and proud at Mynavi TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION 2021 AUTUMN/WINTER (TGC), promoting our philosophy of ‘Positive Fashion’. Sustainable, genderless, and borderless, the DHL stage delivered unforgettable looks with brands and models who embody our vision of fashion’s future.

By partnering with fashion e-commerce giant FASBEE, DHL enabled customers all over the world to purchase products featured on the DHL stage. And customers flocked to the digital event in their thousands. Approximately 2.3 million viewers enjoyed the day of runway shows including about 900 thousand LINE LIVE and around 1.4 million YouTube audience from every corner of the globe. 

Not only did DHL build the very first cross-border e-commerce page to accompany TGC, we also delivered the event globally, making it more accessible than ever.

Above photos ©Mynavi TGC 2021 A/W

DHL on the runway

And it was not a show to be missed. Awash with bold outfits interspersed with that unmistakable red and yellow, the DHL stage delivered a visual feast. Dramatically floodlit with the DHL logo and models strutted our brand down the runway in the forms of swathing capes, playful caps and fluttering scarves. During the DHL stage, also “Kawaii” lovers and sneakers addicts alike were fascinated with Japanese brands, Jouetie, lilLilly, Platino deux, YOSUKE and international juggernaut GUESS.   Where East meets West, DHL marked a new stage for TGC.

Amongst those treading the runway was Roy. An influencer and model based in Japan, DHL partnered up with him to build awareness of TGC amongst the Japanese fashion community and his huge online following. “I've always wanted to be in TGC, and I'm so happy to finally be here," he said, "I don't really care about men's and women's fashion. I wear what I think is good, and recently I've also been interested in make-up. The most important thing for me is to be able to express myself. That's what makes me happy".  Not only did he steal the show on the runway with his theatrical flamboyancy, he also graced numerous photoshoots, interviews and media coverage that boosted TGC’s relevance, appeal and status in the fashion calendar. Rarely one to shy away from the camera, Roy’s presence was a welcome asset that brought some flair to our signature red and yellow!

A proud supporter of Japanese fashion

DHL has always been proud to support the Japanese fashion industry. As official logistics partner to Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO, founding partner to countless emerging talents and now TGC, we always want to increase the visibility of Japan’s apparel industry on the world stage. Offering speedy, high-quality transportation services, we can meet the ever-changing needs and worldwide expansion of the fashion industry. By bringing TGC closer to international markets, this unique event and the designers involved have gone well and truly global.

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